Rapids Landing Vision

Build Your Dream Home

Make your dream of living in Margaret River a reality! Rapids Landing boasts exclusivity, generous block sizes and a thriving community all at an affordable cost.

 Be apart of a lifestyle that lives and breathes the outdoors and has a community that flourishes with custom-built, innovative, and eco-friendly homes. At Rapids Landing you can build your own dream home right within the natural landscape of this coastal town.  Each new home is built on a generous sized block that caters for couples or families of any size. These blocks start at $165,000, and include rebate incentives of up to $10,000, as well as landscaping and fencing packages. 

 Only a short walk from schools and shops, restaurants and bars, Rapids Landing remains at the heart of residential investment in Margaret River. As our Executive Sales Representative, Clare Andrews, suggests:

 “Margaret River is world famous and, like a fine wine, likely to improve further over time.”


 Much More to Come

Rapids Landing emerged at a time when the dream of building your own home was brought forward by reduced land prices, and the promise of growth and sustainability. Since then, the Estate has successfully established a growing community and environment that encourages an active lifestyle, while continuing to work towards new facilities and infrastructure.

 The Estate is currently developing its own shopping village, one that will be set apart from the tourist strip of Margaret River and feature its own cafés and supermarket. Together with a new sports oval and public arts program set to enhance the Estate’s character and community engagement, Rapids will also begin its most exciting project this year – the development on its own public school, due to be completed in 2018.